R Tutorial

Benchmarking different raster extraction methods

Introduction Libraries Get data for testing Raster data Polygon data Plot the overlay Extract Benchmark Apply fastest solution Conclusion Introduction This script compares methods to extract raster values in polygons. I consider a one band raster (one Landsat 7 band) for the analysis On-disk methods, as for example on stars_proxy objects are not included in the benchmarking. What could be evaluated in another experiment is the performance

Combine OpenEO and SOS spatial databases in R

Introduction Python Libraries Get station data via SOS The MonalisR package Get NDVI Timeseries Create Test Sites Tidy and Plot Get raster data via openEO Connection to openEO API Discover the backend Processing with openEO Definitions Build a process graph Execute the processing directly Execute the processing as a batch job Load the result Analyse the results Introduction The following tutorial demonstrates how to interact with the datasets stored in the Environmental Data Platform created within the “Data Platform and Sensing Technologie for Environmental Sensing Lab” (DPS4ESLAB) project.

Parallelizing R scripts from the command line

A tutorial on how to parallelize (existing) R scripts from the command line using simple tools.

Thematic maps in R

A tutorial on how to create thematic maps for South Tyrol in R