openEO in action!


Presentation and Tutorial 12

Regular R-Meetup
SEM 7, Eurac Research, Bolzano

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Hypercubes, API, bring the tools to the data. Everybody is talking about it. We are trying it!
In this meetup we will introduce the new OpenEO initiative and a way to access its API to connect R and other clients to big Earth observation cloud back-ends in a simple and unified way.

openEO - A Common, Open Source Interface between Earth Observation Data Infrastructures and Front-End Applications" is an H2020 project funded under call “EO-2-2017: EO Big Data Shift”, under grant number 776242. The project runs from Oct 2017 to Sept 2020.

Here are some more resources on:

Peter Zellner
Institute for Earth Observation

Trying to provide, optimize and automitize remote sensing and gis workflows and tools.

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