Tables from R directly to Word with Flextable and Officer


Presentation and Tutorial 15

Regular R-Meetup
SEM8, Eurac Research, Bolzano

It’s easy to put figures created in R into Word files, such as e.g. in a paper. But this task is not so trivial for tables. You might have went the workaround using Rmarkdown and knitr, by knitting to word. However, this is rather complicated.

Here come flextable and officer, which allow you to easily create tables and export them directly into word files directly from your R scripts.

For further information please see here and here

If you would like to contribute your own code please reach out and tell us! Hope to see as many of you as possible!

Michael Matiu
Institute for Earth Observation

My Research Interests comprise Spatial and EO Data Processing, Statistical Computation with R.

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