Connecting Twitter to R


Presentation and Tutorial 18

Regular R-Meetup
Lounge, Eurac Research, Bolzano

Twitter is a powerful data source. Many information are shared such as texts, photos, videos, location, followers and many others stats of each user. We can explore the connections, likes and retweets and even build up profiles of users or concerning a topic.
A powerful ability of twitter is the data access through an API provided by twitter itself. After registering and creating an App you can access via tokes directy with R and harvest the tweets together with many metainformation about the data. Three major packages are useful to retrieve the data from twitter, namely the packages rtweet, twitteR and StreamR.
In this meetup we will give an overview on how to create Apps and how to access the twitter API via R by using these packages. More information you can find looking into the following tutorials:

Mattia Rossi
Institute for Earth Observation

My Research Interests comprise Spatial and EO Data Processing, Statistical Computation with R.

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