Tidy function calls using Dplyr and Purrr


Presentation and Tutorial 19

Regular R-Meetup
Lounge, Eurac Research, Bolzano

Tidying data is a key component of data science. Several R-packages try to facilitate the analysis of data by either providing guidance or tools to smarten on the data structure. Dplyr is undoubtedly one of the most widely used packages to tidy datasets in a tibble structure providing a user with a neat data overview and plenty of tools to adapt the structure of the data to the own needs. The purrr package extends the core functionalities of the dplyr package allowing to process directly with on tibble objects generating a workflow easy to follow while scripting.
In this meetup we will explore both packages in combination with other Tidyverse packages such as Magrittr.

Hope to see many of you next Tuesday at the EURAC Research Lounge!!

Mattia Rossi
Institute for Earth Observation

My Research Interests comprise Spatial and EO Data Processing, Statistical Computation with R.

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